2017 Video Competition

The results are in for the Gulch Video Competition!

Continue on to see all of the top 5 videos. We couldn’t be more proud of the videos produced by these trekkers.
They did an amazing job of capturing the essence of the Gulch in their own individual ways. Enjoy!

1st Place
Karlotta Marie Glover

TT 2017

4th Place
Julia Guizar

OE 2011 & 2012, TT 2013, MDT 2016

2nd Place
Lenny Lorenz

OE 2014, WCT 2015 & 2016, TT 2017​

5th Place
Leah Goldner

Paleo 2016, TT 2017

3rd Place
Milo Patterson

WCT 2014, Paleo 2015, PT 2016, MDT 2017