Unplug and explore the stunning Southwest with your family

The Family Trek is an unparalleled opportunity to travel, experience, and live in the great American Southwest while sharing the experience with your loved ones. This trek is the perfect opportunity for families interested in getting outside, spending time together, and learning new skills in the incredible backdrop of the American Southwest. Experienced educators will accompany you and your family as you hike, rock climb, visit local artists, experience native pueblos, and visit historic ruins. We’ll start with a few days at Basecamp, where you’ll sleep in rustic, open air cabins and have the opportunity to learn new skills like metalsmithing, animal tracking, plant identification, mountain biking, farming, cooking, music, and rock climbing. The exact specialties of our staff vary from year to year, but we always have an incredibly talented and knowledgeable team that is excited to introduce trekkers to new skills as well as offer deeper exploration for those already familiar with a topic. Basecamp will also be the perfect opportunity to learn outdoor living and camp craft skills before putting them into practice while camping, hiking, and exploring New Mexico. You can choose to do an activity as a family, or choose separate activities to suit everyone’s interests, and come back together at meal time to share stories. 

After a few days at Basecamp, Family Trek will head out to explore some incredible sights around New Mexico. Each family will have one or more tents (depending on the number of people in the family) to sleep in as we travel around. Each year the itinerary varies; see below for a sample itinerary. 

Each night, at Basecamp and on the road, there will be incredible meals, warm campfires with singing, games, and other activities, and you’ll definitely head to bed tired!

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Age: All ages 

Dates: July 3-July 10

Minimum Group Size: 8* (In multiple small groups to abide by NMDOH group size restrictions if needed)

Maximum Group Size: 20* (In multiple small groups to abide by NMDOH group size restrictions if needed)

Instructors: 2-4

Elevation Range: 5,000 to 8,000 feet 

Average Pack Weight: daypacks typically weigh around 15 lbs. 

Course Starts and Ends: Albuquerque, NM

Full Cost: $1,350 per adult, $900 per child, scholarships available

“My knees are more tired now than just after our hikes. I was in a bit of culture shock when I got home, I walked into a Dunkin Donuts to get some breakfast before driving home and walked out again. I couldn’t stand the plastic atmosphere and the music. I’m sure this also will pass, but I’m not sure I want it to. What a great adventure with great companions!”

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