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Cottonwood Gulch Expeditions is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. A gift to The Gulch helps sustain our mission and our commitment to offering transformative experiences in the American Southwest. Thank you for your support. 


Here are some examples of your donations in action

Recent Base Camp improvement projects supported by alumni donations:

  • Constructed a 200 person Cha’oh Pavilion
  • Re-roofed all buildings and cabins
  • Purchased and renovated an office building and bunkhouse in Albuquerque
  • Thinned over 200 acres to improve forest health
  • Oiled and repaired wood on log and wood buildings
  • Increased riparian health through Rocky Mtn Juniper removal
  • Increased stream health by slowing water movement
  • Introduced a 1/2-acre farm to table program
  • Reduced erosion through water bar and diversion strategies
  • Updated mess hall plumbing to reduce Spring/Fall freezing
  • Added additional seating to the mess hall
  • Repaired and replaced trek gear
  • Planted Fruit orchard in Farm space
  • Constructed 2 hoop houses to extend growing season
  • Constructed 2 chicken runs for Farm to Table program



Ways To Give

Scholarship Fund

Help us “Bridge the Access Gap” and Keep our Gulch community vibrant and diverse!

Your scholarship gift in action…


  • If 23 people give $100
    an Outfitter can experience the outdoors up close and personal for 2 weeks and fall in love with the sounds of nature.
  • If 10 people give $430
    a 15 year-old boy can stand at the top of the 13,000 foot mountain and have the realization that he wants to become a wildlife biologist.
  • If 1 alumni gives $5,000
    a trekker can spend six incredible and life-changing weeks in the wild places of the Southwest and forever be an advocate for conservation.

All donations are tax-deductible. Click the donation button to use a credit card or save us a 3% fee by sending us a check or e-check.

Our Endowment

Do you want a way to make your dollars work now and for future years? Our endowment gives an avenue to do this. In recent years, over 30K of interest from our endowment has supported scholarships, land initiatives, capital improvements, and other projects.



“Every single day was breathtaking, and the entire experience has completely reshaped who I understand myself to be… I had never gone to a summer program prior to Cottonwood Gulch because of the expense, because of the scholarship I received, I had, by far, the most amazing summer of my life.”

–Lily, Mountain Desert Trek




Annual Gifts

Steward the land, contribute to facilities, support NM outdoor classroom experiences, and more…

As a non-profit organization, we rely on our incredibly strong network of alumni, parents, staff, and community. Many of these supporters donate annual to help us maintain affordable, high-quality educational programs. Consider making your donation an annual one.


What Can Your Gift Do?

  • $120 will sponsor a classrooms GO student’s two-day trek
  • $3,000 will send a 25-student classroom on a two-day trek
  • $4,450 will send a PT boy or TT girl on a five-week trek
  • $20,000 will upgrade a passenger van in our fleet

All donations are tax-deductible. Click the donation button to use a credit card or save us a 3% fee by sending us a check or e-check.

In-kind donations

In addition to cash gifts, we are happy to accept stocks, bequests, and in-kind services. We have a strong community of builders, woodworkers, plumbers, metal smiths, IT professionals, and professors who are eager to promote our mission. If you can’t make a financial commitment, consider donating your time and skills.

All donations are tax-deductible. Click the donation button to use a credit card or save us a 3% fee by sending us a check or e-check.

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