Retreat Center

Facilities and Features

  • 540 acres of mixed forest, from pinon-juniper woodlands to Ponderosa forests
  • Perennial creek surrounded by cottonwood trees
  • Several miles of nature trails
  • Commercial kitchen and open-air dining hall (seats 80)
  • Meeting spaces to accommodate two or two hundred.
  • Open air cabins, designed by Kurt Vonnegut, sleep up to 70 people
  • Tents available for extra sleeping accommodations
  • Proximity to Cibola National Forest, Bluewater Lake State Park, Chaco Culture National Historic Park and many more culturally significant landmarks & adventure destinations.
  • Learn more about our indoor facilities, room accommodations and outdoor laboratories here.

Enhance your retreat experience:

Choose from any of these inspiring opportunities:

Mountain Bike Tours– Follow a guide or just borrow from our range of different-sized bikes for an adventure on or off of base camp. Riding options are available for beginners and experts.

Yoga Classes– Utilize an experienced yoga teacher for some afternoon yoga by the poolside, or an unforgettable Sun Salutation on our mesa overlooking Mt. Taylor

Guided Birding– Wake up with the birds on a guide through our cottonwood Bosque. Many unique birds have been spotted here for decades.

Nature Walks– Follow a guide or just wander the trails on your own for a taste of this variable landscape and all the creatures- from horned lizards to elk– that grace it.

Chaco Canyon Tours– Pack your bag for the day, and we’ll show you all our favorite spots in of one of the most famous ancient buildings in the world.

Team-building Sessions– Reach new heights as a team! Work together to get through our low-ropes-course as you build unforgettable memories and valuable insight into your own team.

Education Workshops– Our experienced outdoor educators have much to share- from how to teach to the moment, to how to clean an MSR stove.

Art Workshops– Spend a day in our arts workshop and leave with a piece of jewelry, or hand-made pottery of your own design, as guided by our resident artist.

Naturalist Programs– Learn how to survive in a self-made shelter, or go on a hike to identify all the blooming flowers. Many options ensue.

Southwestern Cooking Classes– Learn to take the heat from one of our expert chefs, and add some red and green to your Southwestern cuisine.

Guided Cultural Experiences– Our long history has built us many relationships with the local cultures. We can take you to a local rug auction, or connect you with a local bread maker.

Interpretive Archaeological Programs– Explore the artifacts we have uncovered in our backyard, from pottery sherds to sharpened obsidian points.

Astronomy Star Parties– Watch the night come alive under our starry skies. We can set up a telescope and show you the features of the sky that night.

Interested in something else? Just ask!


Cost and Pricing:

We charge a nominal land use fee to warrant the impact of groups on our land and facilities.

Other costs depend widely on how many people you’re bringing, what adventures you choose and how long you’re staying.


Call us for a price quote or fill out our inquiry form.