Our Favorite Ways to Opt Outside

Nov 21, 2019

Austin: Find somewhere I’ve never heard of before and go to it! 

Monica: Find something that challenges me and do it with joy! 

Tori: Exploring places I’ve never been before, skiing, climbing, and hiking are some of my favorite ways to opt outside. With my pregnancy, I’ve also gained a new found appreciation for a nice walk along the Bosque. 

Mariama: Find dirt, put on shoes, run! Find snow, put on skis, ski! 

Brad: Geologize! 

Bonnie: I like to go for runs and hikes, both in New Mexico and in other places! I really like to travel to do those things. 

Matt: I’d say my favorite ways to opt outside are either climbing or skiing.  Being out and up in an alpine environment, managing dynamic terrain, weather, and activities is engaging for me physically and mentally—and there’s nothing like the feeling when you realize you’re going to accomplish your objective of the day.  Those moments between the uncertainty of an ascent and reaching the summit are always some of my favorite!  And then, of course while skiing—the pure bliss of floating down a mountain is unbeatable!