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Luddites and a Cardboard Boat

Question: Technology at the Gulch... where does it fit?             A 15-year-old boy named Billy recently accused me of being a Luddite.  It’s shocking when a teenager insults you like that—and he did mean it as an insult.  I have Kurt Vonnegut to thank for knowing...

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Tamarisk and Teenagers in Death Hollow

Tamarisk is one of the most vilified plants in the country.  Scientists have referred to its presence in the western U.S. as an “invasion” or “occupation.”  In 2006, Congress weighed in with the “Salt Cedar and Russian Olive Control Demonstration Act,” which...

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Cottonwood Gulch on NPR

While enjoying Fry Bread at Irene Notah's house on the Navajo Nation, the Art and Music Trek had the honor of being interviewed by Anne Hoffman.  Anne then turned her report into a news story for Latino USA, which recently aired on NPR.  Here's the link, check it out:...

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Learning to talk about the Gulch Experience

When someone asks a question like, "What is Cottonwood Gulch?" or "What is it that you do over there at the Gulch?" those of us who know and love the place are often at a loss for words.  The central problem is that life at the gulch encompasses an enormous variety of...

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School Treks 2014, Busier Than Ever

Trekkers on our School Groups discover a life full of adventure and curiosity, with a strong environmental ethic to boot. Spring, summer, and fall. For the last decade, Cottonwood Gulch has been growing rapidly. Many of our trekkers, staff, and alumni don't see a...

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