The Trek Experience

Discover the wilderness, science, and culture of the Southwest

Base Camp Loop

Every Trek will spend time at The Gulch Base Camp, working side-by-side with our resident artist, archaeologist, naturalist, and farmer. Each of these staff members specializes in the Southwest, and they will show you the magic behind the red rocks, hidden springs, and mountain peaks. Experiences include:

  • Cultural immersion on the Navajo Reservation
  • Silversmithing and ceramic pottery
  • Hiking to astonishing ruins and ghost towns with an archaeologist
  • Investigating rock formations with a geologist
  • Digging through a recently burned forest
  • Working with National Forest Rangers to plant trees or restore river systems
  • Playing music, cooking food, tending to our farm


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The Road Loop

Every Trek will leave Base Camp for explorations on the road. For younger age groups the “Road Loop” is only a few days, for our older age groups, it’s as long as three weeks straight! Experiences include:

  • Archaeological digs and surveys
  • Day hikes through UNESCO World Heritage sites like Chaco Canyon
  • Service learning with National Park Rangers rebuilding trails
  • Conservation projects or wildlife cataloging
  • Personal tours of sacred ruins with a Navajo guide

The Wilderness Loop

The Wilderness Loop involves backpacking, rock climbing, and hiking in the back country. A time to get away from civilization and experience total wilderness immersion. Our longer treks are in the back country for five days at a time, while our younger trekkers experience their first backpacking trips with introductory two-night, three-day excursions. Activities include:

  • Backpacking and hiking in pristine wilderness areas
  • Orienteering and wayfinding
  • Back country cooking and first aid
  • Star gazing and astronomy