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Our Favorite Ways to Opt Outside

Read more about... Austin: Find somewhere I've never heard of before and go to it!  Monica: Find something that challenges me and do it with joy!  Tori: Exploring places I've never been before, skiing, climbing, and hiking are some of my favorite ways to opt outside....

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The Science of a Perfectly Packed Com

Read more about... Good morning Gulch Blog!My name is Lindsey Klaff and served as the Turquoise Trail’s program staff this summer. In this role, I am largely responsible for the gear that we use on the road: stoves, tarps, science and art boxes, our lovely groover,...

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An Evening Campfire at Bachechi

Read more about... One of my favorite things about working with Cottonwood Gulch is the opportunity to meet amazing people from all around the world and country. Recently, we hosted a campfire circle and chili dinner for the attendees of this year’s Wilderness Risk...

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A Fresh Look at New Mexican Wilderness

Read more about... I grew up on a small organic farm located on the edge of the driftless region (unglaciated region) of midwestern Wisconsin lying at 981’ elevation. This meant that my playground, when I wasn’t feeding chickens or weeding crops, was a hilly, forested...

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An Evening at Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah

Read more about... Students at Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah “Run!”  At the command of their teacher and cross country coach, our most boisterous group of youth disappeared, leaving behind a cloud of dust in the surreal mushroom-rock landscape of the Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah Wilderness Study...

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An Ode to Burnt Mac and Cheese

Read more about... The Burnt Mac and Cheese  Oh Mac, Oh Cheese How I love to please The groups I cook for And regular pasta is such a bore One day I cooked you for a massive crew Who was building cabins from CBW They moved ton and tons of concrete And said the Mac was...

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A Day in the Life of the North Valley

Read more about... Photo by Matt, our staff team practicing the helium stick initiative in preparation A turtle pokes its head above the water in curiosity as over a hundred giggling children enter the Bachechi Open Space for a day of teambuilding and outdoor...

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