For Trekkers

Summer Trekker FAQ’s


Where will I sleep?

While at Basecamp, trekkers typically sleep in open air cabins that sleep between 6 and 8 people (see below). While out on the road, Outfit Expedition, Art Trek, Music Trek, and Paleo Trek. Wild Country Trek, Turquoise Trail, Prairie Trek, and Mountain Desert Trek sleep under 5 person tarps. Cabin, tarp, and tent sleeping assignments are made by the staff on the trek.


Who will the people in my group be?

Most years we end up with about half of trekkers as returners and the other half are completely new to the Gulch, which is awesome! Everyone will be meeting new people and there’s almost a zero percent chance that you’ll be the only one who doesn’t know everyone. Trekkers come to us from all over the world with a vast array of different experiences and it is very likely that there will be trekkers in your group who have perspectives different than your own. We think this is part of what makes a Gulch trek unique.

What are the bathrooms like? How about the showers?

At Basecamp, all of our toilets are composting or vault toilets (no flushing toilets). They are all single stalls.

While on the road, groups use what’s called a groover. It’s basically a double sealed plastic box with a toilet seat on it that gets put in a private place in camp.

While backpacking, groups carry a trowel to dig cat holes. Each individual carries a plastic bag to pack out used toilet paper and any other bathroom trash.

At Basecamp, our shower facilities are open rooms with curtains dividing the shower areas. While on the road for more than a week, groups will find showers at facilities like campgrounds, gyms, pools, etc.

Who will my staff be?

The most fun people you’ve ever met! We have a diverse range of staff who come to us from all over the country and bring a diverse skill set. You can be sure that they have experience in the outdoors, a great attitude, and a desire to help you have the best trek possible.

How physically fit do I need to be?

Different groups will have different levels of physical activity. For example, Art Trek and Music Trek will go on several day hikes, while Mountain Desert Trek goes on multiple 4-5 backpacking trips and each participant will be expected to carry about 50 lbs. Generally, if you are willing to try, an average level of physical fitness will be fine. If you’re concerned, give us a call and we can talk with you about the specifics for the treks you are interested in.

What if I'm a vegetarian or have a food allergy?

Not a problem. Our cooks are well versed in cooking for all types of diets. It is important that we know about it ahead of time so that we can adequately prepare and if you are making a choice (i.e. vegetarian diet) that you stick to that plan for the entire duration of the trek.

If there are multiple groups for my age, how do I choose which one I should do?

Generally you should select the trek that sounds most appealing to you. We recognize that not everyone is looking for the same level of challenge or is wanting the same focus out of their trek experience and that’s why we have multiple options. If after looking at the trek descriptions, you’re still not sure which one is the best fit, give us a call and we can help you make a choice! 

If I'm not allowed to have a cell phone, how do I communicate with friends and family at home?

Writing letters is the best way to communicate. Mail comes to and leaves from Basecamp every day and we make an effort to get letters to groups on the road about once a week. In the rare event of an emergency, we are able to arrange a phone call.

Do I really need everything on the packing list?

Yes! If you have questions about specific items, please reach out.