Testimonials from Classroom Expeditions

Student & Teacher Testimonials

“Thank you for taking us to Bandelier. Thank you for: the good food, helping us pitch tents, taking us on the bus.  We all loved it!  And it all happened because of you, so thank you!”
4th Grade Student

“Our group was positively influenced, experienced growth and increased confidence, and had an exceptional time at Cottonwood Gulch.  THANK YOU for your wonderful leadership.  You and your colleagues have and shared genuine, contagious passion and made a difference.  We all look forward to another camping trip!” – Holly, Lead Teacher, K-5 class.

“The lava tubes were life-changing, they made a great memory that I can keep forever.”
6th Grade Student

“This trip has helped me grow a lot and has changed me. I’ve discovered that I am capable of taking care of myself… I’m more willing to take chances now.”
9th Grade StudentBig Tubes 1

“The students push themselves in different ways than they do in the classroom. We notice a lot more stamina.”
Elementary School Teacher

“I learned so much about my students and my own interactions with them, especially during the ropes course session. As a result, we’ve made some changes in our classroom that have been really fabulous.”
Elementary School Teacher

“There’s a sense of community and friendship and teamwork that is fostered by The Gulch that is really hard to emulate in the classroom.”
Middle School Teacher

Examining the stream“Cottonwood Gulch’s relationship with the Navajo family we visited made all the difference. Learning about the Navajo culture first hand through sleeping in a hogan, camping on the reservation, and participating in a sweat ceremony was amazing! This just can’t be replicated in the classroom.”
Middle School Teacher

“We will definitely be back to The Gulch for another spring break trip with our students. Our students returned with more confidence and motivation in school. When we talk in classes about overcoming challenges… our students who went to Cottonwood Gulch readily site their experiences being self-reliant, being truly happy without technology or daily conveniences, and recognizing a more important bond between their peers.”
Head of Middle and Upper School

“They loved the daily activities, the staff and, of course, the food. I’m so glad we did the overnight backpacking trip. It proved to be the biggest team challenge and deepest part of the experience for our students. They want to start a backpacking club in school, now! The staff also made all the arrangements so easy; they were organized and on time with communicating home and helping the parents feel confident in what we were doing.”
Head of Middle and Upper School