Women's Mountain Bike Weekend

Women’s Mountain Bike Weekend


Women’s Mountain Bike Clinic
A partnership between Cottonwood Gulch and SheJumps
Who should sign up for this clinic? 
If you are a woman who likes to mountain bike — or wants to learn how to mountain bike — join us for a beautiful fall weekend at Cottonwood Gulch. This partnership between SheJumps and Cottonwood Gulch is an opportunity for experienced riders to learn new skills, and novice riders to begin a new adventure (mountain bikes will be available to participants at no additional cost!). Binding everyone together will be your identify as a woman in a sport that is often dominated by men. This event is open to anyone who identifies all women (cisgender and transgender) and non-binary people who identify with the women’s community. We hope you’ll join us. 
Who will be teaching?
Our instructors are experienced mountain bikers (all genders) who will meet you at your skill level and ensure you gain new skills and enjoy your time in the saddle. At least one instructor will be certified. 
More than just mountain biking: 
Cottonwood Gulch runs outdoor expeditions, which means you’ll be living in community with the other participants and instructors. We will gather for a campfire each evening, eat meals together, and help with the basic chores. We believe this model fosters stronger connections with each other and the natural world, and creates a highly memorable experience. 
What else is provided, and where will we be sleeping?
Food is included from Saturday Breakfast through Sunday Lunch. Lodging is also included in our rustic cabins — we will provide sleeping mattresses, bring your own sleeping bag or blankets. There are composting latrines nearby. We will also provide mountain bikes at no additional cost for anyone who needs one. 
Where will this take place?
At our Basecamp near Thoreau, NM. For directions, go here.  
Who is SheJumps, and why are Cottonwood Gulch and SheJumps partnering for programs like this? 

SheJumps’ is a nonprofit whose mission is to increase the participation of women and girls in outdoor activities. Partnering with nature, SheJumps creates safe, educational outdoor experiences for girls and women that nurture growth and transformation.


Cottonwood Gulch is a nonprofit whose mission is to create outdoor experiences for people from all backgrounds that foster personal growth, strengthen community, and inspire stewardship of the natural world. 

Together, we are creating opportunities for women that might not otherwise exist. Many outdoor activities have been historically dominated by men, and together we want to find ways for more women to gain skills and find community in nature-based outdoor activities. Joining this expedition will support both nonprofits in achieving our missions. 

Trek Details

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Age: 18+

Dates: October 22 (7pm start) – October 24 (end at 2pm)

Minimum Group Size: 10

Maximum Group Size: 15

Instructors: 2-3

Location: Cottonwood Gulch Basecamp in Thoreau, NM

Full Cost: $349 (includes mountain bike rental)

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If you have a question, email us here or call 505-248-0563