Welcome to the Blog!

by | Jan 16, 2018

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to the Gulch Blog! We’re really excited about this opportunity to share writing and art from our staff, alums, trekkers, parents, and friends! But we need your help: we’re looking for everything from how to celebrate a birthday at the Gulch to recipes for your favorite backcountry meal to how the Gulch has changed you to your transition into your post-Gulch life, etc. If you happen to have something already created (or are in the mood for creating) that you’d be willing to share, please send it my way! Additionally, if you have a great idea, but are wanting some help with the execution, let me know. When you send something for the blog, if you could also send a 3-4 sentence bio including your connection to the Gulch, that would be fabulous!

Please submit work to Tori (enrollment@cottonwoodgulch.org).

For now, I’ll leave you with a quote from a trekker:

“Perhaps the most powerful truth I’ve gotten from this trek is the idea that simplicity in my lifestyle leads to so much more complexity within myself and in my relationships with others. “ – Milo Patterson