An Ode to Burnt Mac and Cheese

by | Oct 10, 2019

The Burnt Mac and Cheese 

Oh Mac, Oh Cheese

How I love to please

The groups I cook for

And regular pasta is such a bore

One day I cooked you for a massive crew

Who was building cabins from CBW

They moved ton and tons of concrete

And said the Mac was hard to beat

Oh Mac, oh cheese

Loaded with green chilies

You warm cold folks, about to freeze

With your heat both real and percieveeeed

On a road stove bubbled a pot of Mac

The stirring while cooking was too slack

And alas, the bottom of the pot was brown and black

And Andrew gave me a load of flack

Oh Mac, oh cheese

Why you gotta burn the pot

I love your flavors quite a lot

But when you burn, cleaning’s fraught

So when the students came back

I tried to redeem myself with more delicious, cheesy Mac

I put in a load of cheddar and pepper jack

And knew the cook was right on track

Oh Mac, oh cheese

Don’t do me like that

And engage in burnt-pot combat

Just slide out all easy, don’t let me fall flat

The ooey gooey cheesy mess

Came out and I have to confess

I felt a good about of deep deep stress

But lucky for me, it was a success!

Oh Mac, oh cheese

You’re really the bees knees

No burn pot-bottom, no Andrew to appease

Oh Mac, oh cheese

Oh Mac, Oh cheese.

The far more successful mac and cheese. 


Matt Baker-White has been leading treks for the Gulch since 2013.  While talented in many realms, and while quite a good cook, he does enjoy burning food to the bottom of pots and pans in order to increase KP for the rest of us.  An alum has threatened Crimes Against the Kitchen punishment if he does it again.  For now, he’s sticking to salad since he hasn’t found a way to burn that (yet).