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Visiting Scholars In addition to our full-time instructors, visiting scholars join us each year to enhance your experience by sharing their expertise.

Visiting Scholars
In addition to our full-time instructors, visiting scholars join us each year to enhance your experience by sharing their expertise.   READ MORE 



We recruit staff nationally and positions are highly competitive: in a recent year, we drew 80 applications for three staff positions. On average, well over half of our staff are returning instructors, and we see it as a testament to the quality of our programs that staff return year after year.

As a minimum, all staff hold a Wilderness First Aid certification, and at least one member of each backpacking group holds an advanced certification: Wilderness First Responder or EMT. The minimum age for staff is 21 (there is also an internship program for 19 and 20-year-olds), and each year our staff is made up of a variety of people, from enthusiastic educators in their 20s to experienced and equally energetic educators in their 70s. We perform background checks on all staff, and we strive to create a comfortable and trustworthy environment for all Trekkers and families.

Our senior staff and group leaders are experienced outdoor educators, and many of them are classroom teachers during the school year, bringing with them a wealth of educational creativity and a passion for sharing their love of the outdoors with our Trekkers. Our staff team can be divided into two main categories:

Group Staff: These instructors are outdoor educators who are responsible for leading and educating a particular group. They live and work with that group day and night, hiking, backpacking, and exploring the Southwest alongside the Trekkers.  Each group has a group leader, a group cook, and 1-3 program staff, who bring an expertise in any variety of subjects: science, anthropology, archaeology, art, and backcountry skills, to name a few.

Specialists: These instructors are hired for their expertise in a particular field. Each summer we hire 1-3 educators in the following areas: archaeologists, artists, naturalists, farmers, and rock climbers. Specialists work with all groups, sharing their fascinating wealth of knowledge and good humor with Trekkers. Many kids discover a newfound interest by working side-by-side with our specialists.

If you are interested in applying for a staff position, please visit our Prospective Staff Page


Our Administrative Staff


Jordan Stone, Executive Director

Jordan first came to Cottonwood Gulch In 2007, as a road cook for the Prairie Trek. He quickly recognized Cottonwood Gulch as an organization full of intelligent, curious, and quirky people, and since then his love for the Gulch has only grown. Jordan has held multiple roles within the organization, and was honored to step into the role of Executive Director in 2020. Outside of the Gulch, he has served as the Conservation Program Manager for Rocky Mountain Youth Corps in Albuquerque, worked on an urban organic farm in Wisconsin, and trained in outdoor skills at the National Outdoor Leadership School. He keeps bees, tends a garden, loves to write, and spends plenty of time exploring New Mexico’s abundant public lands. Jordan holds a BA from Pomona College, and a Masters degree in Geography and Environmental Studies (if you’d like to have a conversation about how different people and communities think about “nature”–quite relevant to the Gulch experience–Jordan is a willing participant) from the University of New Mexico. He lives in Albuquerque with his wife, Ellen, who teaches third grade and takes her students outside whenever possible, and their lovely daughter.

Tori Baker-White, Program Director

Tori joined The Gulch community shortly after receiving her BA in Environmental Studies and Sociology at Bates College. While teaching elementary school in Gallup, she earned her MA in Elementary Education. Tori spent 4 years teaching elementary school and seven seasons leading expeditions as staff at Cottonwood Gulch. When she was ready to take a break from teaching in the classroom, she joined the year-round team to help bring trekkers to The Gulch. Tori loves to play outside and spends time doing everything from skiing and climbing to backpacking and sea kayaking to trail running and mountain biking and she loves to share her passion and enjoyment of the outdoors with others.  She also holds a WEMT Certification.


Matt Baker-White, Program Director

Matt started with the Gulch in 2013 as the climbing instructor and has since held roles including group leader, cook, adventure specialist, and associate director.  He has served on volunteer search-and-rescue teams, worked as a park ranger, and ski patrolled.  Matt was a classroom teacher for four years in elementary settings with a focus on alternative and project-based learning in New Mexico and Maine.  He holds an Masters of Education with a focus in special education and brings a passion for working with all youth from a diversity of backgrounds in the Southwest.  He currently holds a BICP Level 1 certification for mountain biking, has been through the AMGA SPI program, and holds a WFR Certification.

Lezle Williams, Office Manager

When you call The Gulch, Lezle is often the first voice you hear.  She joined us in 2008 and has been keeping us organized ever since!  With an MFA from Miami University, she is an accomplished artist and former gallery owner.  When not talking with trekkers, parents, and staff, she sometimes joins us at Base Camp to teach trekkers how to create linoleum cut prints.  When you are on the phone with her, take a moment to chat about her wood block prints and wood engravings.

Austin Kessler – Associate Director (Field Operations)

Austin was born in Portland, Maine, and grew up with the woods and ocean in his back yard. He has worked on the ocean as a sea kayak guide, in the woods as a wilderness therapy instructor, and the desert as a group leader and food coordinator for Cottonwood gulch. He now manages our recreational permits with the myriad of land managers across the southwest and oversees much of our field operations and logistics. If not out in the field for work, he can be found rock climbing at a local cliff, hand building custom wood furniture or baking sourdough bagels. With a bachelors in Adventure Education, and minors in photography and education, Austin has a diversity of skills to make an outdoor trek exciting, educational and memorable for any age.

Ben Holt – Students In Wilderness Initiative (SIWI) Coordinator

Hello Gulch family! My name is Ben Holt and I’m in my first year with Cottonwood Gulch in the new Marketing Coordinator position! I’m originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and received my Bachelor’s degree in Geology from Ohio State University in 2016. I then moved out to New Mexico to get my Master’s of Science in Geology at the University of New Mexico, which I completed at the end of 2018. After trying on an industry job for a short while, I transitioned to working with the Gulch as program staff in Fall of 2019. At the Gulch, I realized my passion for the outdoors and public outreach / education which I’ve been happily pursuing in this new leadership role. Now I manage our marketing materials, organize outreach events, assist with enrollment, and lead treks in the field. I’m so excited to continue to grow in this position, help push the Gulch forward, and learn more about this amazing community in the 2020 season!

Marnie Rehn – Bachechi Open Space Caretaker

Hello Gulch Community! My name is Marnie Rehn and I’m pictured here with my husband, Peter. We are the caretakers living at Bachechi Open Space. I joined the Gulch family Feb. 2019 as a per diem staff member and grew into the caretaker role by May. It’s a perfect fit since I am also a Master Naturalist with Bernalillo County and spent the year prior to joining the Gulch officially, volunteering on site and getting to know a bit about the Sunday Family Funday events the Gulch hosts each weekend at Bachechi. As a former public school teacher, field ecology educator, Search and Rescue volunteer, and international trek educator, I love working with kids and guiding others in the great outdoors! One of my deepest passions in life is watching people fall in love with nature and the Gulch is in the business of helping people do that! I am a certified mindfulness teacher and treasure the moments I get to bring mindful awareness and nature meditations to my work here. It’s one thing to get people out into nature, its another to see people feel deep connection and part of nature as they learn about themselves and overcome limitations in mind and body. Whether we are on day treks or hosting community events right here at Bachechi Open Space, hiking/camping in the wilderness around Albuquerque, or on full expedition or hanging at basecamp, it’s an honor to be part of this great organization!
Peter is a local Architect/Principal and avid bike commuter, trail runner, Cross-Country skier & nature enthusiast, who helps me do the rounds to keep Bachechi in balance on a daily basis. We love watching the seasons change in the park and creating and hosting community events to help educate folks in the Albuquerque area about nature and the Rio Grande ecosystem on behalf of this joint venture with Cottonwood Gulch Expeditions and Bernalillo County Open Space. Sometimes, it’s what people can connect to in their own backyards (so to speak), that is the first step to making an impactful difference, and we try to provide this in our work here.

Donna White – Food Coordinator

My name is Donna White–I am new to the Cottonwood Gulch staff as of February. I have been working in outdoor education since 2002 with various organizations. Before the Gulch, I was a field instructor with Outward Bound Costa Rica. While I have experience in rafting, white water kayaking, sea kayaking, and scuba diving, my passion lies in the mountains…hiking. I am excited to explore the mountains of the Southwest and already have a love for them! I have always been an outdoor girl and am thankful to be able to incorporate my love of nature with my profession. A close second to my love of hiking is my love of food–another reason I am excited to be working with the Gulch. I am the new Food Coordinator as well as a field educator. I worked in the food industry for many years. I was a pastry chef for different restaurants, I owned a catering company for 25 years and most recently worked as head chef for a sorority house at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. Although food is also a hobby for me (therapeutic), I also enjoy painting, and making jewelry.

Brad Jeffrey – Development Coordinator

I came to the Gulch as a field educator during the fall 2019 season after completing a Ph.D. in Geology at the University of New Mexico. I spent much of my youth exploring the forests, rivers, and lakes of my home state of Wisconsin. I am fascinated and humbled by the endless wilderness, rich culture, and history of New Mexico – and the rocks are great too! My favorite parts of a trek are breakfast, summiting a peak, bonfire, and fitting in an exciting geology lesson or jam session when the opportunity presents itself. I am a passionate educator, and appreciate the rewarding moments when one of our trekkers realizes that they love something they learned about a place, or about themselves. In my new role as development coordinator, I am excited to meet the extended Gulch family and community, and to help support our outstanding and historic programs through fundraising.

Olivia Marín – Students in Wilderness Initiative (SIWI) Coordinator

Olivia grew up in Denver and the southern coast of Spain. She was always encouraged to go outside, and spent her childhood playing in the foothills of the Rockies and in the cork forests and beaches of Andalucía. A lover of all animals, Olivia has continued to enjoy exploring the outdoors through backpacking, climbing, cycling, scuba and swimming in any body of (clean) water she can find! After graduating from the University of New Mexico with a degree in Environmental Planning and Design, Olivia accepted an apprenticeship with Yjastros, the American Flamenco Repertory Company. She worked with several farms during this time, developing a love for local food systems. She became a corps member of the company in 2018, performing throughout New Mexico, and the same year, joined the collective Spanish Broom Flamenco- an independent artistic collaborative focused on Flamenco performance. Her love for the outdoors motivated her to continue searching for a way to bring working with the environment into her daily life. In 2020, she was accepted as a 2020 Exploring Equitable Education Outdoors Fellow. Through this work she was introduced to Cottonwood Gulch, and was given the opportunity to apply for a position later in the year. She joined the Gulch in September of 2020 as a SIWI Coordinator, and is so excited to work with kids outdoors!