2017 Summer Treks

2017 Summer Treks


At the Gulch, we take you on world-class backpacking and hiking excursions. But our expeditions are much more than that—
we use our hands to explore Southwestern art, science, farming, and archaeology, and we take time to learn from the
Native American traditions of the Navajo, Zuni, and Acoma people.

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Summer Treks:

Outfit Expedition
17 Days  •  Ages 10-12  •  Session 1: June 24-July 10  •  Session 2: July 15-July 31  •  Prices $2,475  

Introduction to outdoor living for younger and first-time campers. 10 Days at the Cottonwood Gulch Base Camp, Summit Mount Taylor to watch the sunrise, Explore Mushroom Rocks, Lava Tubes, One-Day River Trip on the San Juan.

Wild Country Trek
21 Days  •  Ages 13-15  •  Session 1: June 24-July 14  •  Session 2: July 10-July 31 
Session 3: July 21-August 10  •  $3,100

Introduction to Backpacking and Rock Climbing. 4-day Backpack, Explore the Volcanoes of New Mexico, Wander through Chaco Canyon, Restore a New Mexico Wetland, 7 days at the Cottonwood Gulch Base Camp.

Turquoise Trail
35 Days  •  Girls 14-16  •  June 27-July 31  •  $4,450

Two Backpacking Excursions in Utah and New Mexico; Live and Work on a Navajo Farm; Explore Ancient Puebloan Ruins; In-depth exploration of the science, art, archaeology, and food of the Southwest.

Prairie Trek
35 Days  •  Boys 14-16  •  June 27-July 31  •  $4,450

Two Backpacking excursions; Live and Work on a Navajo Farm; Learn to Rock Climb or Master your Technique; Explore Ancient Puebloan Ruins; In-depth exploration of the science, art, archaeology, and food of the Southwest.

Mountain Desert Trek
44 Days  •  Ages 16-18  •  June 27-August 10  •  $5,400

Three Backpacks in the mountains and desert of the American Southwest.  Live and work on a Navajo Farm; Develop your own projects in art, science, archaeology, food. Longest and most challenging of our expeditions.

Adventure Conservation Trek
21 Days  •  Ages 15-18  •  June 24-July 14  •  $2,900

Explore incredible climbing areas in the four corners region, meet local characters and adventure enthusiasts, and help save our planet at the same time!  This trek will focus around conservation, rock climbing, and general adventure in the Southwest.

Art and Music Trek
21 Days  •  Ages 15-18  •  June 24-July 14  •  $2,900

Let Wilderness inspire your Art and Music; Work with Professional Artists throughout the Southwest; Create pottery, rugs, and painting with Native American Artisans; Spend two weeks as an artist-in-residence at our Cottonwood Gulch Base Camp, and one week traveling through New Mexico’s wilderness to inspire your creative side.

Paleontology Trek
17 Days  •  Ages 14 and up  •  July 15-July 31  •  $2,700 (includes college credit) 

Find and excavate real dinosaur bones with Professional Paleontologists; Earn 4 College Credits for your work; Learn to live and camp in the exotic badlands of New Mexico; “Behind the Scenes” tour of the New Mexico Museum of Natural History.

Family Trek
7 Days  •  All Ages  •  July 10-16  •  $1,100 ($750 for kids)

Explore the Southwest with your Family… Outside; Relax on our 540-acre Nature Preserve; 3 nights “On the Road” in Jemez Springs, Bandelier, and Santa Fe.

Adult Treks:

Flocks and Rocks
9 Days  •  21 and older  •  July 1-July 9  •  $1,100  

Follow the migrating birds along the Rid Grande. Learn about the geology of the Sandia Mountains. Live, work, play, and travel in the Land of Enchantment!

Women’s Wilderness Trek
8 Days •  21 and older  •  March 25-April 1  •  $1,100

Bring on Spring with an exploration of the Chihuahuan desert. Enjoy the vast dark skies of Western Texas, hike through open fields of blooming cacti and slide down gypsum sand dunes while getting to know a delightful group of women. (We changed the dates to take advantage of promising cacti blooms and fit in a Star Party at the McDonald Observatory)


The price for each expedition includes everything (food, transportation, staff, etc.) once you arrive in Albuquerque. Trekkers are responsible for their own transportation to and from the Albuquerque Airport, for personal spending money during the expedition, and for bringing the necessary personal gear on the packing list of their chosen expedition.


What is an expedition at the Gulch?

All of our Treks–summer expedition, school treks, or the Family Trek–embody the same core experiences:

Discover Wilderness: backpacking, hiking, rock climbing excursions throughout the Southwest

Discover Culture: art, archaeology, Native American culture

Discover Science and Nature: Ecology, Biology, Paleontology, and much more.

Discover You!


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