Board of Directors

Our Board of Trustees is an active and dedicated group of parents, teachers, former trekkers and staff, and others interested in promoting our mission.  Their support is invaluable.  If you are interested in volunteering at The Gulch, either on the Board or elsewhere, contact the directors.

Board of Trustees:

Henry Hooper, Chairman
Murdock Trust, Visiting Fellow, Vancouver, WA
Group II ’68 and ’69, Group II Staff ’74 and ’75, Little Outfit Leader ’78,
Group I Leader ’79-’81, Family Trek ’98

Greg Barker
J.M.R. Barker Foundation, New York, NY
Prairie Trek ’92-’95, Prairie Trek Staff ’03

Ellen Ebersole, Secretary
Cottonwood Gulch Parent, Taos, N

David Greenberg, Assistant Secretary/Treasurer
Group I ’70 & ’71, Little Outfit Staff ’73, ’74, and ’77

Thomas Hyde
Database Consultant, Burlington, VT
Little Outfit ’63-’64, Group II ’67, Group III ’68, Little Outfit Staff ’71, Group I Cook ’74-75

Neil Macneale, Treasurer
Financial Advisor and Building Contractor, San Jose, CA
Group III ’61, Group III Staff ’66

Karl Malcolm, Ph.D
Regional Wildlife Ecologist, U.S. Forest Service, Albuquerque, NM

John Mayer
Retired Attorney, CA and NM
Group I ’64-’65, Group III ’66-’67, Group II Cook ’81-’82, Family Trek ’01-’03

Richard McGinnis, Vice Chair
Partner, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, New York, NY
Prairie Trek ’67-’68, Little Outfit ’71-72, Family Trek ’99

Irene Notah
Dine Culture Instructor and 4-H Leader, Hunters Point, AZ
Turquoise Trail ’61

Kerry Stein
Managing Director, Lloyd’s Bank, New York, NY
Group I ’71-72

Friedje vanGils
Executive Director and Head of School
Escuela del Sol, Albuquerque, NM

Thierry Wilbrandt, MD
The Eye Center Indianapolis, IN
Group I ’68 and ’70, Group 2 Staff ’77 and ’79

Beth Williams-Breault
Adjunct Faculty, Lesley University, Cambridge, MA
Turquoise Trail Staff ’01, Outfit Group Leader ’02-’03, NAW ’05

Jeff Zemsky
Head of Middle School, Sewickley Academy, Sewickley, PA
Director, Cottonwood Gulch Foundation ’02-’07
Prairie Trek ’87-’89, Prairie Trek Staff ’94-’99


Board Elect:

Marjorie Kittle
Director of Finance and Operations, Washington Trails Association, Seattle, WA
Turquoise Trail ’83, Prairie Trek Group 3 ’84;
Base Camp staff ’88, Group 3 Staff and Co-leader, ’89-92, TT Leader ’94 and ’95

Jonathan Krant, MD, FACP
Chairman of Medicine, Adirondack Health Systems, Saranac Lake, NY
Prairie Trek Group 1 ’68-69

Dena Leibman
Nonprofit Executive Director, Silver Spring, MD
Turquoise Trek ’73-75, Base Camp Staff ’79

Austin Troy, Ph.D.
Professor and Environmental Consultant, Denver, CO
Group 1 ’84, Group 2 ’85, Group 2/3 ’86, Group 3 ’87, Group 3 cook ’91-92


Past Chairs:

Jameson French
President and CEO, Northland Forest Products, Portsmouth,NH
Group II ’68-’69, Base Camp Staff ’70-’71, Chair Emeritus

Larry Barker
Prairie Trek ’64-’67, Staff ’68-’76, Chair Emeritus

John Bloch
Prairie Trek ’63-’65, Family Trek ’09 & ’11, Chair Emeritus


Honorary Past Chairs:

Molly Merrell Madden
Turquoise Trail ’64-’65, Staff ’66-’72, Board Member ’04-’09

Wenda Trevathan, Ph.D.
Anthropologist, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM
Turquoise Trail ’62-’64, Turquoise Trail Staff ’67, ’75-’81, Archaeology and Anthropology of the American Southwest Staff ’84

Tom Henio
Mining Foreman, Gallup, NM
Little Outfit ’61-’64, ’70, Group II ’66, Base Camp Staff ’67, Little Outfit Staff ’70