90th Reunion and Treks

Join us for the Cottonwood Gulch 90th Reunion celebration on August 12-14, 2016.

Check out the new details and highlights our staff team has planned….. Zuni Pueblo Tour, Navajo Rug Weaving Project, Cha’ oh Pavilion Dedication, Mentmore Climbing Canyoneering, Rappelling into Bluewater Creek, Farm to Table along with some exciting pre treks and post treks.

We are looking for volunteers for the reunion. We are also accepting donations for the silent auction that will be held at the reunion. The proceeds will go to our scholarship fund and campaign project. 

Here are some of the reunion highlights our staff team have planned…


mess hall

Forestry Service Project
Hikes and Naturalist Activities
Tentative Field Trips
Navajo Rug Weaving Project
Cha’ oh Pavilion Dedication
Mentmore Climbing
Gallup Ceremonial
Crown Point Navajo Rug Auction
Zuni Mission
Acoma Pueblo
Rappelling into Bluewater Creek

Off Site Lodging for the 90th Reunion:

The Holiday Inn Express in Grants is offering a special rate ($95.00 plus tax) for anyone who is looking for a hotel during the Reunion. The phone number is  (505) 287-9252 and please ask for Joey Aguilar or Chris Kellywood. You will need to call Monday through Friday, 8 AM – 4 PM and mention that you are part of the Cottonwood Gulch Reunion. We will have shuttle service from this hotel to the Reunion in the AM and PM.

Check out The Cottonwood Gulch Oral History Project from the 85th! We hope to continue the project this summer.

Click here for The Cottonwood Gulch Oral History Project

Reunion Treks

All Reunion treks include registration for the 90th Reunion, which takes place from August 12-August 14.

Women’s Wilderness Trek (archived)
8 Days  •  Ages 21+  •  $1150 (includes 90th Reunion registration)  •  August 14 – August 21

Starting right after our 90th Reunion, this trek heads to northern New Mexico to explore areas around Taos and Santa Fe. We’ll sample local wines and test the waters of local hot and cool springs, all within a community of women.

Arts and Culture Trek (archived)
3 Days  •  All Ages  •  $650 (includes 90th Reunion registration) •  August 9 – August 12

Join us on the Arts and Culture Reunion Trek as we revisit some of the Gulch’s favorite Southwestern sights near Base Camp in the Zuni Mountains. We will head out of Albuquerque and straight into the wilderness of northwestern New Mexico for a three night, four day trek.
This breathtaking physical space can have a tremendous impact on the creative self. During our trek we will explore our sense of place through different creative processes, including writing, drawing and painting, and music. In addition to living “life on the road” and hiking in some of New Mexico’s hidden treasures, these creative opportunities will connect us more deeply with the Southwestern landscape.
You will be able to sketch the expansive sunrise views from the top of Mount Taylor, and reflect on the historic complexity of El Morro in your notebook. We will break out our instruments to play and sing around the campfire, share our reflections from the day, and fall asleep under a blank of stars.
Three seasoned Gulch staff will be leading this trek, and each of them have developed their own practices in writing, drawing, and music-making. We look forward to sharing this exploration with you and learning from you as we have an extended celebration and we continue our trek at Base Camp on August 12th for the 90th Anniversary. We look forward to seeing you on this trek!

Skies and Canyon Trek (Astronomy and Archaeology) (archived)4 Days  •  All Ages  •  $700 (includes 90th Reunion registration)  •  August 8 – August 12

Have you ever looked into the sky and thought about what ancient people observed and how it influenced their life? The Astronomy and Archaeology Trek will begin at Ponderosa Campground in Bandelier National Park where human history dates back 10,000 years. From there we head to Chimney Rock where the Ancestral Puebloans lived, we will explore how they centered their daily life as they observed the land and sky around them and camp at Lake Capote.  The last two days of our trek will be spent at Chaco Canyon a site of approximately 4,000 prehistoric and historic archaeological sites.  With one day at Bandelier National Park, one day at Chimney Rock and two days at Chaco Canyon we will have time for stargazing, sunrise and sunsets, with day hikes, ruins to explore and time to relax. We will continue our trek at Base Camp on August 12th for the 90 th Anniversary celebration. We look forward to seeing you on this trek!

Family Trek 2 (archived)6 Days  •  All Ages  •  $800 (includes 90th Reunion registration)  •  August 6 – August 12

Want to expand your family’s reunion visit? Join us for 4 days of exploring and camping leading up the the 90th Reunion!


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